Freelance Interpreters

We want to be your preferred Interpreter Referral Service.

In order to accomplish our mission of providing the utmost in ASL Interpreting quality and availability, our interpreters earn rates in line with the fair market value for their services.

Below rates are RIS's suggested fair market valuations for qualified ASL Interpreters.

Entry-level - $25.00 to $35.00 per hour.

Mid-Range - $35.00 to $45.00 per hour. 

Highest Level - $45.00 - $75.00 per hour.

We encourage potential freelance interpreter partners to make contact ASAP so that we may guide you through processing in order to begin dispatching you on interpreting assignments.


red interpreting Service
supports "no more blacklisting"

Red Interpreting upholds strict anti-blacklisting protocols, documenting and communicating notices of fact. If adverse action is taken against agents, subcontractors or employees, a full written accounting of such will be provided upon request.

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Freelance Interpreter Name
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Required Documentation

Submit to

1. IRS W-9 Form (Signed, Completed)
2. Subcontractor Agreement #SA-021 (Signed, Completed)
3. Professional Liability Insurance Documentation (Your Current Policy)
4. At Least One Photo ID (Drivers License, Passport, Sheriff's ID)


A completed W-9 form is one of the documents required before you can begin fulfilling interpreting assignments in your area. It establishes your independent, contractor status with RIS. Subcontracted Freelance Interpreters ARE NOT employees. RIS does not withold state or federal taxes or take any liability for workers compensation.


Interpreter Rate Schedule #RS-073

Subcontracted Interpreters are independent contractors and not employees. Thus, they are to specify their rates and may create and submit their own detailed fee schedule. Rates may affect how often you will be called upon to fulfill services.


Assignment Forms

Verification Form #VF-019

A verification form is required for EVERY assignment, WITHOUT EXCEPTION. Form must be signed by the relevant unit supervisor on duty. The verification form is an essential part of rendering services to your clients. Any questions should be directed to office staff.